What’s the difference between progressive and transitions lenses in prescription glasses??

Progressive lenses for prescription glasses have the clever ability to change your vision for both near and far objects. Progressive lenses gradually vary in strength as you walk down the lens, removing the ugly line present in bifocals and enhancing your vision with far more coverage. Check out our trendy frames here since the majority of them are available with progressive lenses!

With the use of some simple technology, Transitions lenses can change their color according to the amount of light present in the environment. These lenses have the great feature of functioning as both spectacles and sunglasses at the same time! Amazing, huh? Learn more about this fascinating technology.

What are lenses with variable focus?

A dial at the hinges of adjustable eyeglasses that scientists have created enabling the wearer to change the strength of their lenses. People who want to share their eyeglasses or live in impoverished nations where access to an optometrist may be difficult may benefit greatly from this technology.

What makes progressive eyeglasses useful? 

The usefulness of progressive lenses is pretty much indisputable. The progressive aspect of these type of lenses mean that they can provide a clear image throughout your whole field of vision.

If you are near-sighted it’s likely your normal eyeglasses make it difficult to see things nearby: just picture your grandparents lifting their glasses and squinting to read something and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

It might take a little while to adjust to the varying strengths at different points in the lens, but for most people it becomes second nature really quickly.

Do I need transitions lenses?

Although transitions lenses are an optional feature, they are quite helpful in daily life even though they are not required for vision correction.

On sunny days, it can be difficult to decide whether to wear prescription or non-prescription sunglasses if you wear glasses. You might not have a choice if your vision is terrible enough!

The main benefit of these adjustable spectacles is that they combine prescription eyewear and sunglasses into one pair, making it easier for you to choose on bright days. Purchase prescription glasses with the perfect frame that speaks to you, and then add transitional lenses to make them effective in any circumstance

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What frames are available with progressive transitions lenses?

Good news, transitions and progressive technologies are available on practically all of our eyeglasses frames. Look at some gorgeous frames here for the complete list, then select the multifocal and light adjusting choices. Try to locate a pair with both clear and tinted lenses that you think will look excellent on you.

We will need to know your near-vision requirements for the lower portion of your lenses because they are progressive lenses. You may now place your order for your universally adjustable glasses once you have this number.

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